GDO has obtained the Certificate of System Integrator Partner from Wonderware

After 20 years developing automatic control systems, in GDO we join extensive experience and know-how developing automation and industrial control projects.


The strength of the suite of the industrial software System Platform by Wonderware allows us to face more complex projects and software solutions to meet the needs of our customers more quickly and cost effectively.

The use of standards as development base guarantees the integration of the various processes in complete safety and viability.

Thanks to our adaptation to new technologies and highly qualified staff, GDO has the necessary tools both to develop new projects as make proposals for reengineering existing installations, providing full flexibility and guarantee.

The ability to reuse existing equipment, linking with other corporate management or industrial systems, can minimize the cost and time for the development of the projects.

In addition, the Wonderware platform makes easier the flow of information in real time between production and management systems, which greatly improves the reaction time to any situation, helping to develop business strategies for reducing costs, specialization of processes, flexibility production, etc.

GDO offers the best solution to your needs, with security and reliability required, and guarantee and commitment that characterizes us.